We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support! We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support!

Domo-Domo Online Party Pack


  • Host a Nozomi Party in your home or online through social media (we provide the treats!)
  • Team up with your friends to order your favorite Nozomi items and have them shipped directly for FREE.
  • Receive a Nozomi gift card for 10% of the total sales from your party.
  • Be part of bringing employment and dignity to the Ishinomaki community and spreading hope to YOUR corner of the world.

“Domo-Domo” is an informal Japanese term expressing thanks among friends. The Domo-Domo Party Pack is our simplest option, providing you with all that you need to gather friends for an online Nozomi party. This can be done in your living room or as a "virtual" party among your social network friends online.

Here are the steps:

  • Fill out our short Domo-Domo Party Pack registration form.
  • To get started, enjoy online shopping for your choice of Nozomi jewelry that will serve as a “sample” of our artistry. Minimum $22 purchase only!
  • We will send you:
    a) Your new purchase(s), which can serve as a sample of our beautiful artisanship for your guests.
    b) Nozomi Project product cards to share (for those having "real" not virtual events).
    c) Hints and helps for your party.
    d) Some special Ishinomaki treats.
    e) A "Free Shipping" code for one week surrounding your party date.
  • You host a Nozomi party in which either:
    a) Friends enjoy time together as they gather around computers in a home or workplace and order Nozomi favorite accessories for themselves or gifts;
    b) Your social friends join your “virtual” party online;
    c) Both!  
  • After the expiration date of your "Free Shipping" code, you will send us an email (domodomo@gmail.com) to notify us that you are finished.
  • We will calculate your Domo-Domo Party sale total and send you a Nozomi gift card for 10% of your total! (Minimum $400 total sales.)
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