We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support! We have closed our doors. Thank you for your incredible support!

Host a Domo-Domo Party!

Host a Domo-Domo** Party

The easiest way to partner, all you need is internet connection! Host a Domo-Domo Online Nozomi Party at home, work, a book club, a church group, a family gathering, etc., and everyone benefits. Receive 10% off your combined purchase of $300 or more.

This partnering option is easy to do remotely! Just host your party via Zoom or another video conferencing tool rather than in-person.

**Domo-Domo is an informal Japanese term expressing thanks among friends, so this name expresses our heart of appreciation for those supporting Nozomi! 

Host a Domo-Domo Party: 

  1. Invite your coworkers, friends, family, etc., to an event, or choose to include a Domo-Domo party as part of another event (book club, work party, etc.).
  2. At the event, simply go to our website and begin shopping with your friends! If your friends also have internet connection, they can "window shop" on their devices before making the purchase on one designated device. 
  3. IMPORTANT: Combine all purchases into ONE order and use the discount code "domodomo" upon checkout. We will NOT be able to refund your 10% if you forget to enter the discount code. This discount code cannot be used in combination with another discount or special offer. 
  4. Select Bulk Shipping upon checkout. This will ensure you have a tracking number. 
  5. Designate one shipping address at checkout. We cannot ship a single order to multiple addresses, so please be sure to record each person's purchase for easy distribution upon receipt of your package! Each item will be packaged carefully and sent along with gift bags and individually signed cards from our Nozomi staff. 

*Please note: Because every online item is unique and may sell at any time, the Domo-Domo Party work best if you are able to place your order within a few hours of receiving your friends' selections. This generally avoids discovering at checkout that items place in a shopping cart had been sold recently. If you want to hold several parties at different times/locations, you are welcome to reuse the discount code multiple times as long as each order totals $300 or more. 

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