[ Public Relations Manager ]


At Nozomi, I work in PR, marketing, translations, administration, and such. I have been challenged by my work here and that’s what makes my job really fun. It’s probably the same for any small business, but rather than doing just “my assigned part” of the job, I find that we do a lot of responding to new needs and going through a lot of trial and error in order to branch into vast new territories. Even though it’s a lot of work, I carry with me a strong desire to not fear failure and try my hardest. Through this job, I’ve also found new hobbies. I get tired of things easily so I have found myself getting into website coding, colors, design, and right now, I’m really into photography. When I’m taking PR photos at Nozomi, I find myself getting too caught up so I have to be careful sometimes! When the weather gets warmer, I hope to take my family out and take lots of pictures of them on my camera.


Ayami's 3/11 Story:

I’ve always dreamed about living overseas. So when I ended up living in Ishinomaki despite having a job lined up in Singapore, I think about how it’s funny that life throws a lot of curveballs. After the disaster, I was living in Kesennuma as a relief support staff. We took in volunteers from overseas and I was put in charge of administrative work and translations. While I was thinking about staying long-term in disaster-affected areas and processing the limitations of current aid systems, I came to know about the Be One House Church Network. Be One was not just a group focused on relief work but also functioned as a house church, created jobs that offered a community aspect, built a place for children to play, and made various other holistic efforts for development. I was touched by this unique model for reconstruction and the heart that BeOne had; so, in the spring of 2013, I decided to move to Ishinomaki. Since the beginning, the Nozomi staff and members of the BeOne team has been blessed by many wonderful encounters. Marriage, childbirth, and various other turning points in my life have happened here in Ishinomaki. So, to me, this place is like a second hometown.