Taylor Necklace

Long chain pendants are IN, and we've got them for you! Our slightly chunky cable chain (24 K gold-plated or .999 sterling silver-plated) pairs perfectly with each Nozomi pottery piece. We've created some wonderful statement pieces for this style -- choose from one of our organic or symmetrical styles. We love that the attached spring ring on the end allows the long 33" chain to be adjusted to your favorite length. (Photo right shows the 33" full length; photo left shows a shorter version). 


We are honored to name this necklace after Taylor Anderson, a local Ishinomaki hero. Taylor was serving as an English teacher for elementary school children in this region when the 2011 earthquake hit. She made sure to get all of the children in her care to safety, and then began to bike home when the tsunami came and took her life. She was greatly loved by our city and her loss has affected many on both sides of the ocean. Her family and friends have created an NPO so her legacy can continue (read more here), and we are pleased to honor her life with the naming of our latest Nozomi necklace. We love this quote from her family which also expresses the heart of Nozomi:  

"To cope with our loss, we have sought to emulate the person we loved and to be the shadow of her passion. It was Taylor who taught us, through her study of Japan and its literature, that solving problems can best be done by connecting with others." (https://www.nippon.com/en/in-depth/a01903/keeping-taylor-anderson’s-dream-alive-and-well.html)