Noa Necklace - Renewal!

Noa Renewal! We have made our Noa Collection more stunning than ever.  Using precious gemstones, quartz crystals, shell beads, and silver or gold accents, these one-of-a kind necklaces will not go unnoticed.  Our gemstones include:  smoky quartz, carnelian, brandy opals, agate, labradorite, and others. A matching pottery shard hangs from this iridescent luminous necklace. Silver/gold toggle clasp. 18”L.  (some 20" L where noted). 

Please note that our Noa necklaces are individually priced based on the exquisite gemstones that highlight each piece; click on each necklace to read which style gemstone it features.  

Noa is the daughter of one of our staff, Tomoko.  She is as beautiful as these necklaces. Several of the sons of our Nozomi staff have a crush on her, but don't tell!  Read her mom's profile here.