Natsuko Silver Collar Necklace

Our absolutely elegant sterling silver choker necklaces are adorned with a one-in-a-million pottery pendant, chosen especially for this design. Choose from two different silver collar necklaces - both handmade in Italy - and several wonderful pendant options, priced accordingly.   

1) Our latest option is a wonderfully chunky, 4.3mm sterling silver 14-gauge angled choker necklace. Bright finish, angled to lay across collarbone. Rounded or unfinished ends. Seriously - we haven't seen sterling silver this beautiful before! 

2) This sterling silver necklace is a 2.5mm 20-gauge angled wire neck collar, 5 inch wide choker necklace. Bright finish, angled to lay across collarbone. Unfinished ends. 

Our framed pendants are sterling silver-plated. You may also like this silver choker with our Juli wire-wrapped pendants, found here