Mako Bracelet & Necklace Collection

Our free-form bezel is beautiful all-round!  Each framed pendant is shaped uniquely and our staff have carefully chosen, ground, and placed a one-of-a-kind piece of pottery into it. Our bezels are 26 x 19 x 4.5mm; .999 fine-silver plated or our antique gold are 24 K gold-plated. 

Choose from our leather braided bracelet (wrist size is 7 inches; 18 cm); our long faceted bead chain necklace (24 K gold-plated or .999 fine silver plated); or our rounded leather necklaces which extend between 15 and 25 inches in length. . Antique silver and gold framed pendants available in both, while supplies last. We have made our beaded chain necklaces (34 inches; 84 mm) especially long; upon purchase you may use scissors to cut your chain to the desired length. 

We apologize but we are unable to change the bezels onto a different chain or bracelet, etc.