Haru Unisex Necklace

Our Haru unisex necklace was inspired by one of the coolest guys we know, who took a Nozomi pendant, tied it to the thick leather shoelace of one of his boots, and sported it daily with amazing style. It looked great on Jordan, inspiring us to create a new rugged collection that can be worn by surfers, backpackers, rough and tumble kids, and anyone in-between. 

We've found this perfect durable, round 3mm cowhide leather--that was also made for boots! With an adjustable length of 40-77cm (15-30in), the leather can be adjusted for ease of wear. (Please note: because it is a thick leather, be sure to tug hard to adjust the length!) Each pendant is attached with a simple antique silver or antique gold bail. Available in brown or black leather. (We're sorry but we cannot switch the leather color for pendants once they are made). 

We chose the name Haru to honor a hero --the dad of one of our Nozomi team members. On March 11, 2011, as the tsunami waters were rushing toward their home, Haru sacrificed his life to save others. You can hear more of his story, and other background stories of our collection names, on the TEDx talk of our founder here