Aki Ornate Necklace (Renewal!)

We've found a great new chain for our Aki Necklace and we think you too will love its versatility. Our slightly chunky cable chain (24 K gold-plated or .999 sterling silver-plated) pairs perfectly with each of our ornate square pendants. The workmanship required to make these pendants reflects the tremendous growth of our staff. We think you will be even more impressed by the beauty of each piece when you hold it in your hand! Gold chains and pendants are plated in 24 K gold; silver are .999 silver plated.

Aki Necklaces are extra long (33 inches; 83 cm) to suit even our tallest customers; the attached spring ring on the end allows the long 33" chain to be adjusted to your favorite length. 

Wear your Aki Necklace multiple ways! Swap out the cable chain for one of these other options (sold separately).