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2022 Heirloom Ornament (76-182)

$78.00 USD

Ethically sourced! Stunning pottery! Each piece engraved with NozomiDonations for each sale to help the vulnerable Cambodia! And hung with up-cycled cotton ribbons!

Our Heirloom Ornaments this year come in a classy manger shape, with hand-picked pottery drawing your eye. With a silver star and "Nozomi" engraved on it, these are hung on up-cycled cotton ribbons made in-house by our very own staff members. Such beautiful reminders of "beauty in brokenness" as these will definitely live up to their name, becoming your special heirloom for years to come!

Our favorite part of the Nozomi Heirloom Ornament is that we are donating 10% of each one sold to make a difference among vulnerable women and children in Cambodia! This ornament is win-win-win on so many levels. Thanks for helping us make a difference in places of great need around the world!

Weight: 55 grams (1.9 oz)
Size: 76mm x 48mm x 7mm (3.0in x 1.9in x 0.3in)

(Please note: Due to the production process, there may be differences or slights scratches in the ornament finish.)