Nozomi Project Blog

First steps....

One of the challenges of making jewelry out of "journeyed" broken pottery is just the process of getting it ready to be cut.  Thankfully, we have a shed and part of a tent full of pottery that volunteers have collected since the tsunami.  But it is all dirty and unsorted.  
We have a staff member who works hard -- outside most of the time -- in getting the shards and pottery ready to be made into jewelry.  She washes it, sorts it, and cuts it into suitable-sized pieces to be ready for the grinding room.
Take a look at the beautiful shards on our Rumi sterling silver chain. We are sure you will love the delicate pieces that have been specially washed, sorted, cut, and ground in preparation for being worn by someone like you!

Questions from Visitors

Today we had a group from Kobe, Japan come and tour the Nozomi Project.  One of the visitors asked the women, "What do you think about working at the Nozomi Project?"

Hiromi was first to answer:  "I really love working here!"

Kazuko, the Nozomi staff giving the tour, was then asked what makes Nozomi different from other places of employment in Ishinomaki.

Kazuko explained, "We are so thankful to work here because we know if our children get sick or have problems we can take a day off or a leave of absence if necessary without being penalized.  If we get a call from our child's school during the workday we don't have to be afraid of losing our job if we need to go to the school for some reason.  It's a really safe place to work."  

What questions do YOU want to ask the staff of the Nozomi Project?


Come Tour the Nozomi Project!

We love every single visitor and customer who comes through our doors.  But we know that visiting us in person in Ishinomaki is not a reality for many of you.  So we've made a short, one minute video that gives you a unique glimpse into daily life at the Nozomi Project.  We are quite sure it will make you smile.  

If you are one of our Nozomi friends who has had a chance to visit the Nozomi Project in person, please share with us - what stood out to you the most?  We all want to hear from  you!