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Cookbooks & Nozomi Project - a wonderful new recipe!

We are so excited about the graciousness of a well-known blogger, published cookbook author and foodie, Nami of Just One Cookbook. Nami grew up in Yokohama, Japan, and now that she lives in the U.S. she blogs primarily about favorite Japanese recipes. She has shared with her broad audiences about Nozomi Project, encouraging them to check us out.  Read her great article here, and you too can participate in her contest and Nozomi products giveaway.  She also donated 20% of her book profits last month to the Nozomi Project. Thank you so much, Nami!  Spreading the word about Nozomi Project is one of the greatest gifts to our social enterprise.  Please check out some of her wonderful recipes and beautiful food photography.  (I'm partial to her baked korroke and tonjiru soup.