All Nozomi Project donations  (receipted by Team Expansion, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization) go to the Nozomi Project women and the continuation of the Nozomi Project.  All gifts given in addition to, or instead of,  the suggested gift donation are tax-deductible.  You can visit Team Expansion's site here:

Please note:  Our jewelry is all made from used pottery -- most of which were in the earthquake and tsunami.  While we have tried hard to choose pieces that make a beautiful piece of jewelry, there is the chance your piece could have small scratches or signs of wearing from the pottery's previous life.   

Q:  What is your holiday schedule?

 In order to allow all of our staff a chance to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays, we will be closed for business from December 23 through January 6th.  We will not be able to ship out any gifts nor to handle any correspondence during this time.  Our internet will remain open and orders can be placed, but we will not be able to take care of these orders or problems that may arise until January 6th when we return to work.  Thank you for your understanding!


We highly recommend that our holiday shoppers choose our international express mail option.  This will provide you with a tracking number and increase the likelihood of receiving your gifts in a faster manner.

Order Total International Air* Int'l Express  Regular Japan Post Japan Yuupack
(no tracking) (EMS w/tracking) (no tracking) (Overnight insured w/tracking)
0-$49 $3 $9 $2 $7
$50-$99 $5 $12 $2 $7
over $100 Free! 18. Free!



Terms of EMS Mail service:

  • We will send you a tracking number the day after your order is placed.
  • Normal EMS takes 3-4 business days between Japan and North America. (Check here for worldwide service estimated times). However, EMS/Nozomi Project cannot guarantee the arrival time of your gifts. (Please keep in mind that the holidays may mean longer shipping times).

*Please note:  international airmail does NOT come with a tracking number. If you choose this option, we do not have a way to track your package nor to guarantee its arrival. Problems have been rare but we cannot be responsible for postal delivery errors. For a tracking number, please choose our express mail.  

 Nozomi Project ships out our orders on Tuesday through Friday (JST). Orders placed after Friday noon (JST) will not be sent out until the following week. Nozomi Project is closed on most national Japanese holidays, as well.  We ship all of our orders out within 1-2 business days (Tues - Friday) of receiving them.

Q:  What if I want my gifts sent to a different address?

Upon checkout there is an area for you to fill in your desired shipping address.  

Q:  How long will it take for me to receive my gifts?​

Orders are processed within 1-2 business days (we are closed for business on Saturday, Sunday, and most Mondays and Japanese national holidays).  Airmail from Japan usually arrives in the United States and Canada between 6 and 21 days.   We are sorry, but we cannot guarantee nor track gifts sent by global airmail.  (For tracking purposes, we recommend international express mail- see below).

Q:  What if I want to receive my gifts faster?

If you would like to have your order delivered by international express mail, please choose Express mail shipping as you check out.  These costs are:   $0 - $49.99 is $9.00;  $50 - $99.99 is $12.00;  Over $100 is $18.00.  Besides the speed in arrival time, express shipping also allows us to track and insure your purchase

Q.  What if my present is a gift?

For items that you are sending as a gift to someone, please make a note in the comments section.  If we know it is a gift, we can remove the receipt and the price tag.  All of our items are sent out in an elegant blue organza bag.  If you would like a note included, please write this in the comments section as well and we will include a note with the gift.

Q.  How do I pay for jewelry if I live in Japan?

There are several options. If you have a credit card or Paypal account, these will work fine and your credit card company will do the yen conversion for you, as necessary.  If you want your order sent to an address different than your mailing address, please make a note of the different shipping address in the comment section.  Those living in Japan can also pay by postal money order, or 銀行振り込み(ゆうちょ銀行.  Choose this option when you check out.   Then please pay at the post office or a convenience store within two business days.  We will ship your order once we receive notice of payment. We will need to cancel your order if we do not receive payment within five days of when you placed the order.  Here is the information you need to make a postal payment:



記号: 18120   番号: 36894331       口座名:ノゾミプロジェクト



店番:818   普通預金    口座番号:3689433     口座名:ノゾミプロジェクト

Address:  Nozomi Project

〒986−2135     宮城県石巻市 渡波 字下榎壇142-6

(English:  Watanoha Aza Shimo Enokidan 142-6,  Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi ken  986-2135)

Q:  Can I return items?

Unworn items can be returned for money back within two weeks of receiving the item.   

Q:  What happens if my necklace breaks?

Even though these pieces of pottery have survived a tsunami, they are still fragile and need to be handled with care to avoid chipping or breaking.  If the shard should come loose from the silver or gold bail, you can reapply it with epoxy or bond glue or send it back to us and we will repair it for free (we cannot reimburse you for the shipping costs to send it to us, but we will pay for the shipping to return it to you).  If any piece is broken in the mail; if another part of your jewelry should break; or if you have any additional concerns, please email us at  We stand by our products and want you to be happy with your Nozomi purchases!

Q:  How should I take care of my silver jewelry?

We recommend keeping your jewelry in the small ziploc bags that we send them in.  This will help prevent tarnishing.  There are various cleaning options for sterling silver that can be researched on the internet.  One option with baking soda and aluminum foil is found here.   

Q:  Is there any concern about radiation?

Ishinomaki is three hours north of Fukushima and is NOT in the radiation zone so there are no concerns about radioactive materials.

Q:  Are you worried about running out of pottery left by the tsunami?

We are asked this question frequently!  We are incredibly thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who have helped gather and clean pottery around the Ishinomaki coast over the past two years.  Believe it or not, we are still finding broken pottery, though it isn't as prevalent as it was earlier. We have many, many crates stacked in a large army tent as well as in a shed behind the Nozomi House.  In addition, we also have a second-hand store that saves broken pottery for us.  They have told us that there are still people only now going through their possessions from the earthquake/tsunami and bringing it into the store.  They are donating to us the broken/unusable dishes that they receive.

Q:  What are your working hours?

We are usually working at the Nozomi Project from Tuesday through Friday, 9:30 am until 3:45 pm.  We are closed on most Japanese holidays. 

Q:  Can we visit the Nozomi Project?

We love visitors!  All instore shoppers receive a 5% discount of all of your purchases (except for our kimono bags).  We really appreciate if you let us know ahead of time your desire to come (we sometimes have staff meetings, etc.)  We also prefer that guests come between our working hours of 9:30 and 3:30 pm.  

Q:  Who benefits from the funds and support received by the Nozomi Project?

All funding received will go to the Nozomi Project women and the continuation of the Nozomi Project.  Team Expansion(a 501(c)3 non-profit organization) is receipting the U.S. gifts for the Nozomi Project.  

Any additional questions can be sent to us at

Nozomi Project address:

Shimo Enokidan 142-10   Watanoha-Aza, Ishinomaki-shi Miyagi-ken 986-2135     JAPAN

Phone:  (within Japan)  0225904024

outside of Japan:  011--81-225-90-4024